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Pet Fish Vs Pet Dogs – They are similar in many ways!

If you happen to own a dog or an aquarium or both, please read on. There’s a lot in common between dogs and fish when they become human pets. While dogs are a lot smarter than fish and have been known as man’s best friend for millennia, we cannot forget aquarium fish as great pets as well.

Dogs are loyal creatures. They want to please their owners and love spending time with them. But there are many pet fish species that would love to be playful with their owners. You can see they become excited when you are around the tank. Some people simply think that they want to get fed. But it isn’t simply true all the time.

Moreover, Both dogs and fish can be trained to perform tricks. And both are excellent at providing unconditional love.

It’s not just your imagination: Your dog and your fish have a lot in common.

A lot of people think that people and animals are very different. But it turns out that a lot of the things animals do are things that people also do, including dogs and fish. Dogs and fish have a lot in common. For example, both dogs and fish use the same parts of their brain to process feelings of reward and punishment. Although the dogs are a lot more smarter and evolutionary advanced than the fish, some fish species like a red parrot, giant gourami, or Flowerhorns are a lot smarter than you might think!. They can possess relatively good memory and can be trained to do basic things.

But they’re simply practicing some basic dog training. Dogs learn how to respond to commands and develop a certain behavioral repertoire at a very young age. And when we try to steer them in a particular direction by offering a treat, they’ll stop whatever activity they’re doing to follow our prompt.

Dogs learn what the great reward is, and there’s no reward quite like the nice pat on the back. And did you know that you could pet a Kamfa Flowerhorn by holding it in your hand? Some fish species do like to be very interactive and be playful with their owners. So they aren’t just dumb creatures with a very basic instinct for finding food and mate only like a lot of people think. But remember that this heavily relies on the fish species, most of the fish can have only the basic instinct necessary for their survival.

Petting a Camfa

They both get stress and expect owners’ care

For some reason, many people think that if a fish is happy, it must be happy. Things like disturbing human high traffic areas and loud and busy events like weddings can be stressful for your fish in your aquarium. But most of the hobbyists seem to don’t care. And they can’t even explain why some fish swim in circles abnormally instead of moving in a straight line or why they would bang into the glass and hide.

So we can see that there are some similarities between dogs and fish in terms of their normal and abnormal behaviors.

With your dog, two specific behaviors are often held in higher regard than the rest: barking and lunging. Both are, of course, not only used to communicate things but use physical signals to reinforce certain behaviors. Barking is commonly thought of as a cue to other dogs to stop what they’re doing; for example, if another dog is barking at your cat, you may stop whatever activity you’re doing at just that moment (or maybe you may listen for some other sound).

The bottom line is that we often think that one needs to “relax” a dog, as they try an activity that had previously made them anxious. But we often seem to just don’t care about our pet fish which is sad.

What about the illnesses of Dogs and Pet fish?

Pets can share the same illnesses as humans but it’s important to be aware of the symptoms. It’s crucial to call your vet as soon as you notice any symptoms.

Dog Care

If you notice your dog is:

1. Losing weight

2. Not eating

3. Having trouble breathing

4. Vomiting

5. Diarrhoea

6. Bleeding or limping

7. Any behavior change – scratching, biting, or gasping

8. Suffering from a fever or having other symptoms determined to be a contagious disease

9. Unable to keep up with regular activity

Then you must know there’s something wring with your dog, and to call the vet.

If your fish is:

  1. Swimming irregularly
  2. Not eating
  3. Trying to seperate from other fish
  4. Resting on the bottom
  5. Looking pale
  6. Gasping

Then you must understand it’s not well. It’s time to treat your fish for Bacteria, Parasites and Fungi. And if things are looking bad you can call your local fish vet for help.

With aquarium fish it’s more of preventing the diseases in the first place by maintaining a good water quality, feeding healthy and quarentine any new comers before adding them to the main tank.


Fish aren’t so different from dogs when we look at them as pets. They need the same care, attention and advaquate maintenance. We must get used to treat them as real pets as we are with dogs. Fish can get stress and nervous like dogs. If we treat them better then pet fish will also know how to interact with us and be happy and playful.