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National Service Animal Registry Legit (NSAR)

NSAR is short for the National Service Animal Registry in southeast Tennessee. It is an animal registration organization, especially for pets. NSAR began its work in the year 1995. Originally, it was an organization that provided service animals to local police authorities as drug tracers and worked closely with the sheriff’s department and the local justification system.

Since 1995 NSAR has been training, moderating, and working actively with service dogs, animals for emotional support, therapy animals, and drug detection animals. Hence, NSAR has basically progressed from its original concept to a much wider vision. It wasn’t long before NSAR realized the deep need for service dogs and animals for emotional support to help people with physical and emotional disabilities. These disabilities include people with depression, anxiety, diabetes, balance problems, asthma, panic disorder, hearing impairments, seizures, etc.

Currently, NSAR provides registration kits under two different categories.

  1. Emotional Support Animal (ESA) Registartion.
  2. Service Dog Registartion.

Emotional Support Animal (ESA) Registration at NSAR

First, let’s understand what do we mean by an Emotional Support Animal.

An emotional support animal also known as ESA for short is simply a pet animal that has been prescribed by a licensed therapist, psychologist, or doctor as part of someone’s treatment. These pets can be dogs, cats, birds, rabbits, or any other approved, domesticated pet. Emotional support animals provide support to minimize the negative symptoms associated with a patient’s emotional or mental disability.

Service Dog Registration

Service animals are simply dogs that are trained to perform tasks and work to alleviate the disabilities of their handlers and owners. They work as part of a team with their disabled colleagues to help them gain safety and independence.

For example, some dogs can alert deaf or people with hearing problems and help them hear important sounds, and keep them safer. And guide dogs on the other hand help blind and visually impaired people find their way around. Mobility dogs help people who use wheelchairs or walking aids and who have balance problems. The list doesn’t end there. Do you know that NSAR register Blood sugar alerting dog as well?

Apart from the main categories NSAR also provides the following registrations as well.

Therapy Animals

A therapy animal is most often a dog that has the ability to interact favorably with humans and other animals. To behave so they must be obediently trained and examined. The primary purpose of a therapy animal is to provide affection and comfort to people who are hospitalized, or at nursing homes, hospices, schools, disaster areas. And also therapy animals are supposed to help people with learning disabilities.

Psychiatric Service Dogs or PSD

NSAR also provides registrations and certificates for psychiatric service dogs or PSD for short. These animals must also before attempting to acquire a certificate, individually be trained and help a person with mental health problems with an important task in life. The difference between the normal service dogs and the PSDs is the mental state that is being addressed by them.

Contact NSAR

NSAR’s got a great team of helpful people who have often had their personal experiences with service animals.

For more information on certificates, registration, letters, etc please visit the NSAR official website:,

NSAR address: 333 W Lake Ave, Woodland Park, CO 80863, United States.

NSAR Contact Number: +1 7196868222