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United States Dog Registry

united states dog registry

The United States dog registry is an organization that is based on the highest standards of quality to ensure people have their dog’s trained and registered through a legit process. They ensure an easy to follow and convenient to complete process of registration, which is aided by all the necessities and accessories you might need […]

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Canadian Service Dog Foundation (CSDF)

The Canadian Service Dog foundation or CSDF for short is more than just an organization. It is, firstly, a community which helps generate new idea within the society of Canadian people and also on a larger international scale. This foundation as it is titled today began its journey with Melanie and Peter Woolley, military members […]

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National Service Animal Registry Legit (NSAR)

The National Service Animal Registry or NSAR for short is an animal registry organization which started its course of work in 1995 in southeast Tennessee. They were at first, an organization which provided service animals to local police departments as drug-detecting animals and worked closely with the sheriff’s department and justification system there. NSAR has […]

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