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Corgi Dog Breed

The word “Corgi” means “small” or “dwarf”. These are short heightened dogs and have been given the name due to their short yet elongated bodies. Corgis are one of the famous dog breeds that are being loved and kept by celebrities and Royals. Corgi is the famous dog breed that has been kept by the […]

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Cocker Spaniel Dog Information

Cocker Spaniel is the 31st most popular dog breed in the Unite States of America and have a medium bodied structure with medium level of energy, making is suitable as a pet and a sporting dog. They have been recognized as a separate dog breed from the start of the 20th century. But their history […]

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Information About Chihuahuas

The smallest, the cutest and an active dog breed that is loved and liked due to its adorable size and an ability to perform well in agility and obedience tasks. Chihuahuas are small bodied dogs, but their abilities are not lesser than any other dog. They are equally capable of becoming a perfect pet dog  […]

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